After the Fact Ass Love…

Girlfriends, there is this strange epidemic that seems to only afflict these niggas. It is called After the Fact Ass Love. Follow me, Girlfriends. 

For some reason, love isn’t good enough until it’s gone. In my experience, these niggas have to lose me to SEE me. While I’m present, they are not sure. All my aunthentic awesomeness is never enough for the solid choice. But as soon as I bounce, here come the NIGGAPIPHANIES! My hotline is blinging, they are scoring high on the SAT verbal section for analogies, adjectives & synonymns in my inbox! All of sudden they are the masters of Shakesperean sonnets, thug love songs & Triple Crown Publishing thug book poetry.  All of things that I asked for but were “couldn’t dos” reveal themselves as “wouldn’t dos but doing it nows”. This is After the Fact Ass Love. 

What’s worst of all about After the Fact Ass Love is these niggas think that I should be happy about it! My longtime girlfriends know that I don’t remix my dicks. While I make this clear to my gentleman callers, they think I’m a motherfuckin game. I am not. Not only do I refuse to remix the dick, but I am also highly offended by their attemps to be remixed. I am the same person as I was when we were involved. So all of the awesome things that you now miss about me were all of the things that were too much, too little or not valued by you before. 

So while I understand that people come to awakenings at different times; please save your niggapiphanies for your pastor, imam or rabbi. My love is for those who can see it in the moment.  For those who may be afraid but have the courage to go after it in the present. As St. Diddy of New York once said “You want it but u fear but u love it when you near it”.  That is the love that deserves me. Not that stale ass “Oh I been thinkin on the good times” After the Fact Ass Love.

So Girlfriends, you do what you want,  but just know that you deserve love in the present. If they can’t see you, then they don’t have the vision. You don’t have to settle for that old ass, moldy ass, remixed dick ass, needed to put sod on the other side of the grass ass, After the Fact Ass Love. 


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