The Birthdays N’ Shit

  So today’s my birthday!!! I’m 32 and very excited!With every birthday, I try to reflect on the past year. I accomplished a lot of tangible goals that I am very proud of. But I am most proud of ridding my life of bullshit! 

I made it another year without ruining my life with some nigga that didn’t deserve me. No arrests and no kids! My hair aint fall out, my teeth are still straight, my bills are paid! Praise NillaYahweh!!! I’m really proud to be in a place where I’m in control of my destiny! I made a vow to myself that I would only involve myself with things that were “the shit” and not “bullshit” and I did not go back on my word! 

I wont pretend that it was a piece of cake being on a niggabatical and not falling on a dick. I love men! But once I reminded myself that I didn’t want chocolate covered bullshit, it got easier. I made a committment to my upper echelon life and that includes treating myself like gold. So, I can’t subject myself to bronze ass behavior.

So while I’ve received a lot of gifts and well wishes, the best gift that I received is the one that I gave myself. That is; the permission to be strong enough to declare what I deserve and to not deviate from it. I dont listen to anyone’s advice to settle or stop being too this or that. The life and love that I want is specific; and some people just cant be a part of it. I cant make people fit for a part that was written for a specific type of person. I gave myself the permission to decline requests for association without apology or explanation. I’m not for everybody; nor is everybody for me. And that’s okay. 

So with that, Happy Birthday Elle.  May your next year be one bearing the fruit of your sacrifices and commitment to yourself. #1010 #LadyLibra

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